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Venue with a view
just for you! 

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Come brainstorm and become a part of our team while meeting other community builders  in a positive, friendly and collaborative environment.


Dare to Dream

Imagine a community where women and girls are being celebrated, empowered and launched. 


“Surviving is important. Thriving is elegant.”

― Maya Angelou

Bridal Bouquet

Join Us For Our Gala 

Creating Unforgettable



Kingdom Crowned Boss ™

She strives for excellence and welcomes kingdom principles in business such as integrity.

Prosperity and success she recognizes comes from above and even without a hiccup in her day she welcomes prayer.

She is growing her business, her assets, her tools, her team and her community.

She values the gift of team and other strong women. She is backed by prayer.

She is upward bound and appreciates a place that meets her needs to work,relax, network, collaborate or create the perfect event in the beauty of His presence. 

She is allowing her "gifts to make room for her."

She knows she is the head and not the tail and she is determined to make it happen.

She was created for dominion.

Because she is a lifelong learner, she shares her gifts through seminars, training and workshops both attending, creating and teaching.

She is a leader that can also be led.

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